TEAMAGINE is much more than just a scenic research and development company. We're here to support artistic creation, and to accompany technical event professionals such as designers, technical directors, sound engineers and production managers. Our mission is to find tailor-made solutions and push back the limits of existing products.

In every technical field, we collaborate with specialists to meet every demand. Whether it's in the field of computer-aided machinery, set design, load-bearing structures, virtual filming, prototype manufacturing or special effects, our R&D department is ready to take on any extraordinary challenge.

Our primary objective is to create a space where professionals can come together to develop technical solutions that meet artistic requirements. We are not a place for artistic creation in our own right, but a partner who accompanies designers in their creative process. Our space is designed to be welcoming and open to all, encouraging exchange and conviviality.


TEAMAGINE also offers studio and meeting room rentals of various sizes, located on the Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. These spaces are equipped with lighting consoles and screens for pre-visualization, as well as a multi-purpose studio that can be used as a shooting location. We also offer other practical services such as large-format printing, digitization and 3D printing.

What's more, we offer a dedicated discussion forum for technical professionals, a stimulating space for debate and exchange on a variety of topics. You can participate in public discussions accessible to all, or create private discussions. The forum is up and running, ready for you and your teams to use to discuss the topics that interest you. Simply register to access it.

This tool is open to all those who wish to engage in debate on technical subjects, share documents and launch exciting new discussions.

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